How I set up my Blog

I’ve decided to keep a blog to remind myself of the things I’m doing and learning. Someone else might also benefit from that as well. Since I’ve become somewhat of a Ruby enthusiast, I decided to use Jekyll.

What is Jekyll?

Jekyll is a static site generator written in Ruby by Tom Preston-Werner(of GitHub fame). You create a set of templates and then just write your posts in plain text using your markup of choice(I use Markdown). Jekyll then transforms everything into static HTML that can be served by pretty much anything you like.

The nice thing about everything being plain text is that I can use Emacs to write posts. It has a very nice markdown-mode. I use Git to push everything into a GitHub repository so I backup both my code and my content. You are free to browse everything here


My goal was to have a clean design that makes it pleasant to read what I write. I use Calluna Sans served by typekit. Calluna Sans is a very nice humanist sans-serif typeface made by Jos Buivegna. You should definitely check out his other fonts. Code is, or rather will be, typeset in Inconsolata. Everything follows a vertical rhythm which I think looks very pleasing.

If you’re using Firefox 4, you can see some advanced typographical features such as small caps and ligatures turned on here and there.

If you have comments of any kind, I would be glad to hear from you.

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